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How much does it cost?

There is no standard answer for this. It all depends on your business.
For example, do we have to create the solution from scratch or can we use existing structures?

Before we start, we analyse your business, then we will make a proposal for a strategy with the corresponding price tag.

What does the invoicing look like ?

It entirely depends on the project. Most projects will have multiple payments, generally on a monthly basis. The standard practice is to pay a percentage upfront and the rest as the project progresses.

If I have questions, where can I find answers?

We help you with all aspects of your project. Our team supports you if you have questions or if you need anything related to the project.

We have our own server structure, can we use it ?

Yes, if your server structure is up to date and meets the technical and regulatory requirements, we can use your existing infrastructure.

Can you run online marketing campaigns for us?

Yes, we have a very strong marketing partner who can run the marketing campaigns for you. It will even make sense to integrate the marketing directly with the e-commerce structure we setup.

What about my domain names?

You can use your domain names if you already have them. If need be, we can also register and manage them for you.

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